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Anaconda Skin

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Natural Anaconda
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Bleached Anaconda
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Background Information

ORIGIN: Argentina
AVERAGE LENGTH: Approximately 2 to 2.5 meters

Product Features

COLORS: 40+ standard colors in each standard finish plus various custom colors
CUTS: Front (more info)
GRADES: 70% Grade 1, 30% Grade 2
FINISHES: Classic, Lux, Matte, Other specialty finishes (more info)
SIZES: 15 to 35 centimeters (more info)
TANNAGES: Bleached, Natural Pattern (more info)

Anaconda (Eunectes Notaeus)

The anaconda (eunectes notaeus) is native to Southern South America. Anaconda skin comes from wild anaconda. Relative to the python skin, anaconda skin has more body, it’s smaller in size but has larger scales, and has a rounder natural pattern.

Pan American Leathers (PAL) offers finished anaconda skin in 15-24 cm wide x 2-3 m long. It is available in front cut with or without the natural pattern.

Customers can pick from our NYC showroom stock for immediate delivery or order production from our upstate NY tannery. For production, customers can select from our 40+ standard colors in a variety of finishes or provide a swatch or pantone reference for a custom order. As our tannery and showroom are both NY-based, product development is seamless and deliveries are much shorter for US customers than other alligator skin tanneries or distributors.

PAL python skin services the belt, footwear, garment, handbag, home and Western industries. Please call, email or schedule an appointment for pricing and delivery information.