Pan American Leathers, Inc. is an exotic skin tannery, wholesaler and retailer founded by Mark Mendal in 1984. Leveraging modern technology and three generations of technical expertise at our tanneries in New York and Colombia, PAL has become a leading quality tanner of exotic leathers for the world's markets. Our relationships with both suppliers and customers span many decades and continue to grow as PAL works with clients to meet the demands of an ever-evolving marketplace.

Pan American Leathers tans, colors and finishes alligator skin, anaconda skin, various crocodile skin, lizard skin, python skin and more at our New York tannery and caiman skin at our Colombian tannery. We distribute a wide variety of other exotic skins for foreign tanneries in the USA market. Customers can buy from stock on our website or at our showrooms or make-to-order at our tanneries. is intended to educate you on who we are, where we came from and how we can help you, as well as to serve as a convenient online shop for all your exotic skin needs. Now, we encourage you to learn more about exotic leather, our business and explore our product lines. We sincerely hope that the variety and quality of our skins and our commitment to customer service meet your needs.


Truly yours,


Mark Mendal
President & CEO, Pan American Leathers, Inc.

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