Some of you may recall a negative article published about exotic skins in National Geographic Magazine. 

The impetus for the article was a scientific paper published in a peer-reviewed journal. It concerned illegal trade by the luxury industry.  

When reading the original article, it was clear that it was false.  Therefore, myself and colleagues re-analysed the data used and confirmed this suspicion.  Nothing about the article was accurate.  We have published a short summary of this work in the popular literature that is receiving widespread coverage.  Please see here.

In addition, for those interested in the critical analysis of the original paper please see here.

At the time, the luxury industry received significant negative press about this.  The falsehoods in the original article and the National Geographic follow-up would easily be grounds for a defamation case.  Food for thought...

The work done to uncover and rebut this work was completed by People For Wildlife. Please share widely among your networks.

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