The Mendal family began tanning exotic skins in South America in the 1950s. With exotic leather tanneries in Colombia and Argentina, we soon became the world’s leading supplier of tanned reptile skins. By the early 1980s, many of these species had become endangered. Due to these environmental concerns, the Mendal family closed its operations.

With new conservation and sustaining programs focused on "conservation through utilization," US Fish and Wildlife spawned a new era for this industry. With these new programs in place, these species flourished, regenerating healthy populations. In response, in 1984, Mark Mendal formed Pan American Leathers, Inc. and the Mendal family once again emerged as a leader in the supply of exotic leather to the world's markets. 

Today, Pan American staffs technicians widely recognized as pioneers in the tanning industry.These seasoned professionals, with over 40 years of exotic leather industry experience, blend Pan American's age-proven proprietary technology with the cutting edge technological advances in the industry to produce the highest quality tanned exotic skins.  Pan American coordinates the sourcing of its skins directly with the world’s leading farmers and hunters. We then processes the skins either at the point of origin or at Pan American’s main facility in New York State. 

Pan American maintains relationships with the world’s leading fashion houses, boutique designers and renown clothing, footwear, upholstery and accessory manufacturers. Our skins are featured in the fashion world's premier collections and in luxury lines across several industries.

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