The Crocodile Farmers Association of the Northern Territory (CFANT) is a group that brings together the Crocodile Farmers of the Northern Territory to share knowledge and experience of the farming and conservation of crocodiles and to assist governments in making decisions concerning the species and the conservation of habitats for the betterment of indigenous and local communities. One of the prime focuses of CFANT in 2020 was to draw together the knowledge and experience of its members, in particular Professor Grahame Webb, to provide the history of the management of the crocodile species in the Northern Territory.

The International Crocodilian Farmers Association (ICFA) considers this document to be an important addition to factual information concerning the management of this incredible species. The recovery of this species in the Northern Territory of Australia is something to be proud of and one that can be used as an example of what can occur to help a species recover when community, government, science and industry join together.”

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