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Introducing Our New Caiman Skin Guide!

Posted by Abram Mendal on Sep 19, 2013 2:07:00 PM

Caiman Skin GuideIf you’ve been reading our blog, you’ve probably noticed a lot of information regarding caiman skins popping up recently. That’s because we’ve been working on a guide for you, so that you can keep the information on your eBook reader while you’re searching for skins for your next project! Hopefully this will help with the process of selecting and purchasing the skins!

Caiman Skin Tanning

Are you aware of all the work that goes into producing the skins? From the farms to the tanneries, we outline what the caiman skins go through to get them ready to make the handbags, belts, boots and wallets that you want to make. We’ve got the steps outlined so that you can see what we do to the caiman skin and how we can help you find the right leather for your needs.

Buying and Selecting Caiman Skin

What kind of project are you working on? You’ll need a different skin for a handbag than you might need for a belt. Do you want hornback or belly skin? What style do you need for your project? The various cuts, sizes and finishes are things that you should be paying attention to while you’re making your plans.

Where Should You Buy Your Caiman Skin From?

If you know how the skins are made and the different varieties of skins that you’ll need, then you’re aware of the basics, but do you know where you can buy them? We sell them, of course, but there are other tanneries that you can choose from. There are distributors and other sources that you’ll need to look into before you can make the best decision for your project. We’ve got information on those other sources so that you can go into the process with the knowledge you’ll need to succeed!

What Affects The Price?

Many factors contribute to the price of caiman skin. Some of these factors have to do with your preferences and some have to do with the environment, the market and the work that goes into the skin. We’ve got that information for you as well!

Download the Guide Today!

If you think you might need this information at your fingertips, be sure to check out our guide. It’s an all-in-one resource for all of this information and more, meaning that you won’t need to be online to get those answers on your screen. Whether you’re new to this industry or a professional who needs a quick reference, this guide is invaluable to you.

If there’s something that this guide didn’t answer for you, however, we’re still here to help. At the bottom of the guide as well as on our site here, we’ve got all of our contact information easily accessible to you so that if you need any assistance with the skins, you’ve got a line to us. So, don’t hesitate—download the guide today!

Caiman Skin Guide

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