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Five Things that Look Better in Stingray Skin

Posted by Abram Mendal on Mar 5, 2014 1:14:00 PM

stingray skin walletFashion is truly an artistic form of expression. Everyone has their own personal style that is, in some way, a reflection of who they are. Trends and fads seem to happen overnight and, inevitably, disappear just as quickly. This is why it is important to have timeless signature pieces in your wardrobe.  Stingray leather items are one example of a long-lasting, signature piece that will stand the test of time.

Stingray skin can be used for almost anything you. Its incredible durability and exotic beauty make this type of skin a unique choice for anything from wallets to furniture. Because stingray skin can be bought in nearly any color, you are sure to find a skin that suits your needs. Some things simply look better in stingray skin! Here are a few ideas for your next purchase, and why they should be made of stingray skin:

1) Wallets for Men and Women: 

Wallets are considered a daily necessity. Who wouldn’t want to have a wallet that is durable enough to last a lifetime? Stingray skins are much more durable than leather made from cow hide.  Not only is the material strong, but it is beautiful and one of a kind with its unique diamond-shaped marking and beady texture.

Each piece of stingray skin is carefully crafted to produce a specific product. Skins can be dyed nearly any color and can have a rough or smooth finish. If you want a wallet that truly sets itself apart from any other, stingray skin is the way to go.

2) Boots and Shoes: 

Boots and shoes of all types are a fabulous way to wear stingray skin. Natural stingray skin is bumpy and has a beady texture. The fish has a remarkably unique diamond shape on their back that is made up of a beautiful, pearl-like substance. In stingray leather products, this marking is often used as a focal point in the design, being highlighted in the middle of the item.

When displayed on a boot or shoe, the eye marking gives the piece a truly different look. That feature is also a sign of luxury and wealth. The exotic nature of stingray leather means that you will be sure to wow anyone who sees your footwear. The diamond shape will also help people recognize that your leather is not just any old piece of cowhide, but that it is stingray.

Aside from its beauty, stingray skin is a very durable material that it is perfect for the wear and tear that shoes are subjected to. It is resistant to water, fire, punctures, and tearing.

3) Sofas and Other Furniture:

Couches, chests, recliner chairs, you name it, and stingray skin can be used in it. Many people prefer the look and feel of leather. A common problem is that the wear and tear on cow hide or pig skin leather creates a rippled look after only a short few years of use. Additionally, these leathers tear much easier than the incredibly hardy stingray skin.

The durability of stingray leather makes it much less likely to be torn or punctured. It is truly a miracle material that is ideal for any piece of furniture. If you want to have the sexy, sophisticated look of leather but want to invest in a product that is going to last a lifetime, stingray leather is perfect for you.

4) Knife and Tool Handles:

Katana SRLeather Hilt Closeup

Whether you work with knives and tools recreationally or you use them for your profession, it is important to have a comfortable grip to avoid splinters, sores, and blisters. It is also important that the knife or tool does not slip from your hand while in use. Stingray skin leather is ideal for this.  Its beady texture and ultra-durability make it a wise choice for practical yet attractive decorative handles. It is a soft material that will not be punctured by other tools that are flung in the tool box. Historically, knife and sword handles were one of the first uses of stingray skin leather. Ancient Japanese cultures found stingray leather to be beneficial for both recreation and wartime.

5) Custom Motorcycle Seats/Accessories

Motorcyclists love their rides and take great pride in showing off their unique custom modifications to their fellow enthusiasts. What better way to make your fellow motorcycle enthusiasts green with envy than a unique bike seat with the bold, attractive pearly pattern of stingray skin? The distinctive eye shape that naturally occurs on stingray leather will draw the eye to your custom ride.

With stingray leather’s inherent toughness, the material makes for the perfect motorcycle mod to weather the toughest road conditions. The natural water resistance of stingray makes it a superior material for standing up to rainstorms when compared to traditional cow hide. The resistance to punctures and tearing also mean that stingray leather is ideal for use in saddlebags for your bike, as it will weather exposure to loose chunks of gravel and pavement scrapes much better than cow or pig hide.

Make your ride bolder, tougher, and more distinctive with stingray leather today.

Whether you are wearing it or furnishing your house with it, make your next leather purchase in stingray skin. Its unique look is timeless and it is strong enough to last for generations to come. Resistant to water, fire, puncturing and tearing, you truly cannot go wrong. This incredible material makes for an elegant addition to your wardrobe or your living room. No matter the product, make it better by choosing stingray! 

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