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Posted by Abram Mendal on Apr 1, 2014 8:52:00 AM

Get our guide to learn more about this exotic material!Stingray leather is becoming a hot commodity in many parts of the world.  Long ago, stingray skin was used by samurai in Japan. They used it for armor as well as the handle grips on their swords and other weapons and tools, due largely to the fact that it’s resistant to fire and water, punctures, and tearing. The dorsal fin bone located on the back of the stingray acts as a luxurious, one-of-a-kind marking that is easily recognized. This distinctive mark appears similar to a small cluster of pearls. These qualities are just a part of what makes this leather an ideal choice for items such as purses, boots, furniture, and essentially anything else you can imagine.

Recognized for its unique beauty and high durability, stingray skin has proven to be a versatile and incredibly useful material.  Whatever you are looking to create, there are plenty of ways to incorporate stingray skin.  Here at Pan American Leathers, we want to tell you all about stingray skin and help you decide which kind is right for you!

Stingray Skin Turned to Leather

Raw stingray skin becomes stingray leather through a chemical process called tanning. The process of tanning skins protects natural materials from bacteria to make it more durable and soften so that the resulting leather is more pliable and fabric-like.

How do you choose what type of leather to purchase for your intended item? There are a few very important questions you should ask regarding the:

Color, Finish, Grade, and Size of the Stingray Leather

Nowadays, stingray skin can be dyed in many different colors.Stingray leather has come a long way since ancient Japan. Nowadays, stingray skin can be dyed virtually any color in a variety of finishes. Naturally, stingray skin is rough (so much so that it was once used as sandpaper by fishermen) or we can sand and polish it down to a smoother texture.

After you determine your intended use for the skin, you will have to figure out what size pieces of skin you will need to purchase. A small item such as a wallet will require a much smaller piece of stingray skin than a handbag would. Some large items like furniture are made with of several panels of stingray skin quilted together, such as a piece of luggage, so you can factor this into your size calculations.

Exotic and Luxurious

Stingray skin is now considered one of the most luxurious types of material around. It has become appreciated worldwide, and has apparently been so for longer than you might suspect.

Did you know that stingray leather was found in the tombs of pharaohs? Ancient Egyptians sought the leather, as it was viewed as symbol of good luck. They believed possession of the skin would lead to great prosperity and power.

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