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Make Your Next Design Stand out with Exotic Leathers

Posted by Abram Mendal on Apr 15, 2014 2:33:00 PM

Leather Furniture says a lot, Exotic leather furniture says it all!Designers are a creative lot. Design shows such as “Top Design” and “Extreme Makeover: Home Edition” showcase how important different elements of design are in creating a space that is more than just a place for people to rest, but for people to live in. When creating a space that is meant to wow people, there needs to be something there that is “wow” worthy.

The question is, what can you do to create a truly inspiring, unique and jaw-dropping design that will delight everyone who sees it?

Have you considered making a one-of-a-kind centerpiece out of exotic leathers? Exotic materials such as alligator, ostrich and stingray skin have a unique appearance and texture that make them stand out against common pig and cow hide-based products.

Idea #1: Make an Exotic Chair out of Alligator Hide

Alligator Chairs can be a very tasteful, elegant addition to a room's decor, and match well with earth tones.In a complete interior design, chairs aren’t just a place for people to sit, they’re an integral element of the room’s overall design. Create a smart, durable, and striking piece of furniture for people to sit in, and you’ll make an incredible first impression.

Alligator leather is a material that’s certain to make a statement. The rough-patterned hide of an alligator is sure to draw comments and attention from nearly anybody who sees it. While the common misconception is that such leather would be too rough or hard to make for a comfortable seat, our tanning process renders these skins quite soft and supple.

Make a truly unique and outstandingly luxurious centerpiece by creating an Alligator couch for the living room.

Idea #2: Stingray Tables

Let’s say you’ve made your exotic skin centerpiece for the living room; now, what else do you have to compliment your centerpiece? When you have a super-exciting centerpiece in your design, you simply have to make sure that the surrounding furniture compliments it, or else all you have is one interesting anomaly in a sea of gray.

Leather is often used to line the outside edges of card and pool tables, but imagine how much more exciting that same table would be with the beautiful, pearly hide of a stingray.

On the other hand, entire tabletops have been made of stingray skin. The “eye” marks in the stingray’s hide create a focal point for the eye to focus on, one which can be further enhanced by dyeing the skin to bring out the details.

Another unique benefit of making a tabletop from stingray leather as opposed to simple cow or pig hide is that the skin of the ray is much more resistant to damage than “normal” leather, especially damage from the everyday spills that such surfaces are subjected to on a daily basis. After all, a stingray is an aquatic creature, which means that its skin has more of a natural resistance to liquids than a land-based animal’s leather would be. This means that the stingray tabletop is not only beautiful, it is highly practical as well.

One of the more creative uses we’ve seen for exotic leathers is not on a tabletop, but on the legs of a table. Several designers have created very striking and unique designs by covering the legs of their table with python skins.

Idea #3: Python Bedding

Elton John has a python skin bed, do your clients have something so bold?Leather bedding, even when it is made out of standard leather such as cowhide, makes for a bold and intriguing feature in a bedroom space. Using an exotic leather such as python hide can make a dull sleeping surface into a visually exciting and memorable piece of furniture that adds endless personality to the bedroom.

With its gorgeously patterned scales and long hide, the scales of a python can make for the perfect complement to your bedframe’s design. Whether you choose to keep the python’s distinctive natural coloring intact or you choose to bleach it so that you can dye it another color, there’s no arguing that your end result will be striking, bold, and beautiful.

For example, you can the unique way that a python’s hide was incorporated into the design of the bed in the picture. The designer of this piece chose to keep the natural pattern of the python’s skin intact and work with it, creating a truly one-of-a-kind piece for their client, Elton John.

Make your client’s jaws drop with awe and excitement when they see where they’ll be resting their heads at night by turning their boring old bed into a bold new display piece.

Let Your Imagination Run Wild

The possibilities of using exotic leathers in your design are practically endless. These leathers are much more visually distinctive than leather made from standard sources such as cow or pig hide, and can help you to better demonstrate your own unique creative vision to your clients.

Don’t just make a good impression on your design clients, give them something that they’ll always remember you by with a bold, one-of-a-kind design that takes advantage of the properties of exotic leather today.

For help with your leather purchase, please contact us today. Pan American Leathers has years of experience in working with exotic leathers for many of the biggest fashion houses in the world, but have maintained an independent status, unlike many other leather distributors. Make your order from us with confidence in the knowledge that we will treat you fairly because we don’t owe our souls to some big fashion house.

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