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The Exotic Skin Recommendation Tool

Posted by Abram Mendal on Nov 22, 2016 11:17:58 AM

The Exotic Skin Recommendation ToolDo you have an upcoming handbag project that you’re working on, but don’t know which skins will best meet your size and price requirements?

The sheer variety of exotic skins on the market out there can be a bit overwhelming—which is why we’ve made a new Exotic Skin Recommendation Tool for handbag skins!

How to: Get a Skin Recommendation Today!

  • Click here to get to the signup page;
  • Fill out the form;
  • Tell the calculator what your asking price will be and how much skin you need per handbag; and
  • Click on the “What Skins Will Work for You?” button.

From there, the calculator will try to determine the best skins based on your target price and size needs.

What Next?

If you find a skin you like, just click on the picture below to be taken to that skin’s store page where you can select a specific color and grade of skin.

Or, if you find that the skins recommended don’t really fit your concept, feel free to contact us directly at one of our two showroom locations for a personalized assessment of your needs.

It only takes a minute or two to find out which skins are the best for your handbag project!


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