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Get a Leather Craft Education: Tandy Leather

Posted by Abram Mendal on Jun 15, 2018 9:08:53 AM

Tandy Leather has been supplying leather, tools, kits and instructional materials and experiences to leather craftsmen since 1919, through hundreds of brick-and-mortar locations and their website. The company also holds numerous leather crafting classes at different sites around the country to help up-and-coming leather designers learn specific skills.

How Are Tandy Leather Classes Structured?

Leather wallets are one of the many items that you can learn to make at Tandy Leather's school.

Each class consists of a single session hosted at a specific Tandy Leather location or affiliate location where students gather for an in-person session. Most classes focus on teaching one specific skill—such as making an envelope clutch, braided bracelet or leather wallet.

The duration of each class may vary based on the complexity of the piece being created. Some classes are only a couple of hours long, while others can be six hours or longer. A few of the classes offered by affiliates of Tandy Leather may last longer, taking place over the course of numerous sessions to create a kind of mentorship program. So, when signing up for a class on the Tandy Leather site, be sure to review the information to make sure you are able to commit to the duration of the class.

When and Where Can I Attend?

The classes offered by Tandy Leather take place in various cities in the United States, United Kingdom and Canada. Odds are, if you can’t find a class in your state, there will be one that you can take in a nearby state. Class times will vary by location, so it’s important to check that information before signing up.

Most classes do have a registration fee to cover the cost of materials and instructor time, but a few classes are offered for free to teach basic leather crafting skills. In the case of the paid courses, Tandy Leather requires payment in advance to secure your seat in the class. 

Why Should I Attend?

These classes are often designed with beginners in mind to help them learn basic leather craft skills and build confidence with easy projects. Additionally, the majority of these courses are low-cost to attend—many classes have a total cost of less than $100, and more than a few are free.

Another consideration is that Tandy Leather classes are often open to children (with parental supervision, of course) to teach kids leather craft skills. Plus, with the plurality of Tandy Leather school locations across the US, UK, and Canada, it’s relatively easy to find a location close to you.

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