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New Anaconda Skins in the Exotic Leather Shop!

Posted by Abram Mendal on Apr 11, 2016 10:23:51 AM

because anaconda skin is so plentiful, it's available in a variety of creative colors.Snake skins are among the most popular types of exotic leathers to use for high-fashion projects for a variety of reasons, including their flexibility, size, and availability.

Anaconda skins are a particularly attractive and versatile option for exotic leather, with their distinctive patterns of dark and light-colored scales, 0.5” – 0.7” thickness, and 1.7-meter length. These skins are big, flexible, and highly distinctive from common leather materials.

This is why Pan Am Leathers is proud to announce that it has several new options in the shop for anaconda skin, including ten new colors. 

These new skin colors offer a wide variety of ready-to-go anaconda skin colors for your next high-fashion order. This means less time waiting for the leathers to be dyed and finished, and more time turning your exotic leather vision into a reality.

Why Work with Anaconda Skin?

As we mentioned earlier, anaconda skin is flexible, large, and easy to work with, just like many of the other large snake leathers that are available. So, why work with anaconda skin over python hides or other snake skin? 

In appearance, the scales of the anaconda are very large - even larger than python skins of larger sizes. the natural markings on the unbleached anaconda are more circular, versus the sharper shapes on the python. The anaconda skin also has a fuller body than most other types of snake skin. It is also slightly thicker than the other snake skins, but in no way prohibitively thick. The anaconda skin is typically smaller than the python skin by approximately 30-50%) and larger than other types of snake skins by 50-100%. This sizing makes anaconda ideal for belts, small leather goods and footwear. Some of the larger anaconda skin can work for handbags, but there are few in this size. Lastly, whereas python skins products cannot be traded in California, anaconda skin can. In fact, fashion houses commonly use anaconda skin as a substitue for python skin in the California market. 

So, if you’re looking for a top-quality material for a high-fashion project that’s just a bit different from the most popular python hides, anaconda skin is an attractive option that can be relatively simple to work with!

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