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The Top Tips for Making Exotic Leather Garments

Posted by Abram Mendal on Oct 14, 2016 11:00:00 AM

Pharrell Williams Hermes Crocodile Skin JacketExotic leather garments can make a very bold fashion statement. The thing is, working with leather for such large products can be a bit tricky.

Making a mistake can be incredibly costly when working with high-quality exotic hides. To help you avoid mistakes and make the most out of your exotic leather garment project, here are a few tips you should know:

Choosing a Garment Skin:

We’ve covered the topic of the best types of exotic leathers to use in previous blogs. When choosing between different exotic skins, you should balance the following factors:

  • Aesthetic
  • Size & shape
  • Flexibility
  • Availability/Cost

First of all, how much are you willing to spend and how fast do you need it? Cost and availability will likely narrow your options a bit. Then, you’ll want to use a skin that fits well with your initial design concept. Are you looking for scaling patterns like the alligator or the python, quills like the ostrich, or the fishy pattern on the eel. 

The size and shape of the skin should also pair well with your design concept’s panel needs. Are you ok with a lot of seaming or do you prefer larger single panels? The different skin types vary in size and you would be wise to match that to your pattern sizes. 

Eel, python, ostrich, and alligator hide are all superb skins that could be ideal for a garment project. Each of these hides have different aesthetic elements, and some are easier to acquire than others.

Uses for Scrap Skin

When working with large hides and panels, odds are you’ll have some excess material left over. These scraps can be put to a number of uses depending on the type of skin and the size/thickness of the scrap piece.

Some potential uses for scrap skin include:

  • Zipper pulls
  • Trim
  • Collars
  • Elbow or knee patches
  • Small accessories (bracelets, jewelry, card cases, etc.)

These are just a few of general tips you can use when making an exotic leather garment. For more help and advice in planning out your exotic leather needs, contact Pan American Leathers!

Image source: Pharrel Williams in Hermes Crocodile Skin Hoodie Jacket

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