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What Makes Polished Stingray Skin Great for Phone Cases?

Posted by Abram Mendal on Aug 1, 2017 3:43:09 PM

The diamond mark on polished stingray skin is less pronounced than on unpolished skin.For a while, stingray material was simply a delicacy in places where stingrays thrived. Most of the time, fishers who caught these magnificent creatures tossed their skins back into the water. Skins are bio-degradable, but it seems kind of wasteful, doesn't it?

However, times have changed, and stingray skin has risen fast up the ranks to be one of the most sought after commodities in the exotic skins space. The fashion industry, realizing the potential of stingray skin, has capitalized on this and immortalized it in exceptional pieces. Today, the fashion industry uses stingray skin for handbags, belts, motorcycle seats and a lot more.

One other use for stingray skin that is sure to get a few heads turning is using these skins in phone cases.

Why is Stingray Skin Desirable?

Despite what many may call limited uses, stingray skin has an appeal to it that surpasses size and breathes purpose into an item.

  1. Sustainability. Stingrays exist in plenty of eco-systems. From fresh waters to the saline oceans, you cannot ignore the sheer population of these majestic creatures. That being said, communities in these environments hunt stingray for sustenance. The skin is a by-product of hunting. As a result, maintaining the supply of stingray skin to the exotic skin market does not compromise their existence.
  2. Appearance. If you have seen a stingray in water, they look just as beautiful out of it. The skin comes in an array of colors that fit seamlessly with any accessory. In addition to the color, stingray skin is naturally ‘beaded’ for a luxurious, yet rugged, feel. Alternatively, you can get it polished for a sleeker look.
  3. All-Weather Durability. Exotic skins cost a pretty penny. As such, you would like to keep any item made from such material damage-free. One of the benefits of stingray skin is its toughness. Due to adaptations, stingray skin is both durable and appealing. Even after processing, it maintains its toughness, and you can rest assured knowing your things will be scratch-free and water resistant with stingray skin

Why is it Perfect for Your Phone Case?

By the time you think about getting a top-class phone case, you most likely have an equally exceptional phone. Why should you skip on cow hide and silicone phone cases in favor of stingray skin? There are many reasons, including:

  1. Choices. Stingray is often available in a wide variety of colors because of how plentiful it is. The processing involved to achieve certain colors does, however, make some brighter colors less pronounced. For more neutral colors, shades of blue, gray and black should work just great.
  2. Protection. Given the main aim of the phone case, few skins can match stingray skin. The stingray skin has large deposits of calcium enclosed in small bubbles. While you could consider this a disadvantage during production, the calcium plays a huge role in how tough this skin is. Additionally, with its waterproof and scratch-resistant nature, adding a flip cover to the case gives you added screen protection.
  3. Design. Placed beside another skin, polished stingray has a dazzling quality about it. It would even be apt to think of this quality as a gem. The diamond-shaped formation of stingray skin makes a breathtaking centerpiece for a phone case. This formation is due to the bony remains of the stingray’s dorsal fin. However, the diamond markings in polished stingray skin are not as prominent as in natural stingray skin. This change is caused by the lacquering and buffing required to achieve a sleek polish. You still get excellent skin and with just a hint of diamond in it.
  4. Working area. The working area is one of the features that make polished stingray skin the best bet for phone cases. With a range of about 5-7” in size, you would get the best area for small accessories. However, since the availability of 9-11” skins outweighs the availability of 5-7” skins, craftsmen typically choose to use the 9-11”. This extra area not only gives the worker more flexibility, but it also provides a larger margin for error, so workers get only the finest skin.

Stingray skin is one of the leather world’s toughest skins. It is readily available, ecologically sustainable and will not have you rearranging your financial goals. Check out some new arrivals at Pan Am Leather Inc.

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