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Pan American Leathers, Inc. is the largest independent reptile skin tannery in the Americas. We tan alligator skin, anaconda skin, crocodile skin, lizard skin and python skin. We also distribute elephant, ostrich, rattlesnake, shark, springbuck, stingray, watersnake and zebra skins for domestic and foreign suppliers. Our skins are available in an unlimited array of colors in each of our standard finishes (classic and matte). You can see a representative sample on the Colors page of our site.

We also offer a wide variety of proprietary specialty finishes, such as garments, metallics, fusions, crisps, degradés, irridescents and more. In addition to creative finishes, our tanning formulations have also contributed to our success. For example, our crocodile products are widely recognized as the softest in the world.

As a result of the quality of our product and our perpetual innovation, Pan American has developed long term relationships with the world’s most prestigious fashion houses, boutique designers and manufacturers (see representative sample on the Customers page of our site). Our customers span various industry segments, including belts, boots, garments, handbags, hatbands, jewelry, shoes, upholstery, wallets and accessories, watch straps and more.