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4 Reasons to Use Beaver Tail for Exotic Leather Projects

Posted by Abram Mendal on Mar 22, 2018 2:04:44 PM

Beaver tail skins are available in a variety of colors.When most people think of exotic leathers, they usually picture snake, crocodile, zebra, and even ostrich hides. However, there are many more exotic skins that can be used for high-fashion projects. One type of exotic leather that many people might not be aware of is beaver tail — which is a shame, considering the qualities of this exotic material make it ideal for a number of different applications, such as phone cases, wallets, and footwear.

Why should you use beaver tails in your next exotic leather project? A few reasons include:

The Hide’s Toughness

Beaver tails are naturally thick and sturdy to survive strong river currents and support the beaver’s weight when it stands upright. These tails are incredibly thick and sturdy compared to most other exotic leathers. These hides are also highly scratch-resistant, able to take a fair amount of abuse without marring the hide.

Water Resistance

As a semi-aquatic creature, the hide of a beaver naturally resists absorbing water. This allows the hide to survive exposure to water without getting damaged or becoming discolored. Because of this water resistance, products made from the hide are less likely to get damaged from everyday use than more water-permeable hides would be.


Compared to many other leathers, beaver tails have a relatively high tensile strength. This allows a beaver tail product to resist tearing from being exposed to stresses such as holding a heavy load or being pulled on. High tensile strength materials can be a bit tougher to work with because of their strength, but that also makes them great for hard-use applications.


A beaver tail has an intricately textured surface that might surprise some who haven’t seen a tanned skin before. Upon close examination, the natural grain pattern of a beaver tail is most comparable to that of a lizard or ostrich leg skin’s grain pattern. The skin has a many deep grooves that form tiny, matrix-like patterns across its surface.

Because the skin itself is uniform in color thanks to PanAm's sophisticated tanning procedures (not so humble brag), it is also easy to get consistent dye colors. So, if you need a custom color for your exotic leather project, beaver tails might be a good option.

Shop for Exotic SkinsIn short, the reasons for using beaver tails hides are that they’re durable, water-resistant and have a finely-textured and very unique grain pattern.

Want to know more about beaver tail skins? Or, are you looking to place a custom order? If so, then please contact us today! Pan American Leathers has decades of experience in helping high-fashion clients fill their need for exotic leather products—all while maintaining independence from the major fashion houses.


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