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Learn Exotic Leather: Nile and Ring Lizard Skins

Posted by Mark Mendal on Jun 2, 2014 9:28:00 AM

Nile lizard skin features very fine scales.When it comes to creating high-fashion items, it is often a struggle to find the right material to use in your project. Exotic leathers are a great way to differentiate your work from the work of others who might be imitating your designs, but which exotic leather should you use for your next project?

We’ve talked at length about the benefits of using reptilian leathers such alligator, caiman and python skin, but what about lizard skin? Surprisingly flexible and suited for a number of uses, Pan American Leathers’ lizard skins are a great material for many different items.

Before we continue, it is important to note that we actually supply TWO different kinds of lizard skin:

  1. Varanus Niloticus (Nile Lizard).
  2. Varanus Salvator (Ring Lizard).

Both of these skins share many common characteristics, such as their flexibility and what dye colors and finishes they can take. Both animals are gathered from wild sources.

The primary differences are in the cuts that are typically used for each and in the natural skin patterns and colorations they possess. Our Nile lizard skins are front cuts while our ring lizard skins are available in both back and front cut. Also, the ring lizard’s skin has an intricate ring pattern on its back which the Nile lizard lacks. Although both species of lizards are close in size, the Nile lizard’s skin is slightly larger on average.

Which Lizard Skin is Best for What?

the distinctive ring patterns in a ring lizard's skin make for very fine, intricate detailing on small items.Ring lizard skins are smaller and have a distinct natural design featuring a series of intricate rings. This makes them ideal for ladies’ footwear, clutches and other small or medium accessories.

Nile lizards are much larger and the pattern is bleached out. This makes them better for larger handbags, upholstery and belts.

Basically, either lizard skin is useful in any project where you need flexible material. However, the ring lizard skin is often better for getting attention with its natural patterns, while Nile lizard skin is ideal for making items that need a consistent, uniform appearance.

If you need more information about these two types of skin, or any other exotic leathers, contact Pan American Leathers today!

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