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Get a Leather Craft Education: Chicago School of Shoemaking

Posted by Mark Mendal on Jun 25, 2018 2:36:21 PM

Finding a school to help you learn how to work with leather can be tough. This is why the team here at PanAm Leathers is putting together a list of schools that offer an education in crafting leather goods. For the next stop in PanAm Leathers’ tour of leather craft education, we’d like to introduce you to the Chicago School of Shoemaking & Leather Arts.

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How Lizard Skin Makes for Great Electronics Accessory Cases

Posted by Mark Mendal on Aug 15, 2017 4:46:54 PM

What's in a phone? A few years ago, the most important aspect of your phone was its functionality. All the uses of a phone had been condensed to the most basic communication and media exchange package. However, phone makers stepped up. Phones became status symbols. These days, a person is judged by the brand of his mobile phone, and by extension, the case that holds it together.

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5 Reasons for Sneakerheads to Use Ostrich Leg Leather

Posted by Mark Mendal on Jun 5, 2017 12:15:07 PM

Over the years, as fashion tastes have evolved, the demand for exotic leather has risen steadily. Ostrich leg leather has become one of the favorite leathers for sneakerheads and tanners alike.

Why has ostrich leg leather become so popular? Here are five reasons why this exotic leather is ranked amongst the best kinds of leather for sneakerheads to use:

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