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Learning Exotic Leather: Saltwater Crocodile

Posted by Mark Mendal on May 20, 2015 11:11:00 AM

The Animal

Saltwater crocodile leather

The Saltwater crocodile (Crocodylus porosus) has its origins in the Asian continent — specifically Southeast Asia and the South Pacific. This crocodile is the largest of all crocodilians and the largest reptile in the world.

The average size of the Saltwater Croc is between 13 and 15 feet, with the largest ones growing up to 32 feet! The number of skins that are farmed every year hover at around 60,000.

The Skin

SaltwaterCrocSkinThe skin of the Saltwater crocodile is considered one of the elite among all crocodilians. Its belly has no bone content due to the absence of floating bones within the area’s skin. The scales are small, however, there are more scales in each row. Its skin contains a single follicle marking at the bottom of each belly scale.

Its belly is relatively narrow compared to the size of its flank. This croc’s large head contains a pair of ridges that run from its eye along the centre of its snout. 

Using Saltwater Croc Hide for Your Leather Project

The skin of the Saltwater crocodile is commonly used for handbags and high-end garments due to its compelling tile pattern and no bone content. As one of the finest grade out of the croc species, its skin can be used for several fashionable items and accessories.

Due to sophisticated farming technique and age-old tanning treatment, many use this high-quality leather on their most luxurious projects. For more on how we can help you select your optimal crocodile leather, set up a FREE project consultant with one of our specialists today

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