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4 Reasons to Use Python Skins for Handbags

Posted by Mark Mendal on Dec 5, 2014 11:34:00 AM

bleached python skin can make for a very attractive, and more even colored, handbag.

In a recent post, we talked about our favorite exotic leathers to use for handbags. Today, we wanted to dig a little deeper into why we love python skin as a material for handbags, and why we think you’ll want to use this particular exotic leather for your next handbag project.

So, without further ado, here is our list of reasons to use python skins for handbags.

Reason #1: Size

Pythons come in many sizes. On the small end, pythons can be 1.5 meters long and 25 cm wide. On the larger end of the spectrum, some pythons can grow to be 6.5 meters long and 60 cm or more in width, which makes this exotic skin ideal for the large panels required for plus-sized handbags.

With many skins, finding large, intact hides of sufficient size to fill a panel for a handbags can be difficult. The large sizes that python skins can reach, however, make acquiring skins of sufficient size for a handbag much simpler. In fact, python skins have been used for even larger projects, such as bed frames, sofas, and tables.

Reason #2: Availability of Grade I Hides

When making a handbag or other object that requires large panels where flaws cannot be easily hidden, you need a hide that has little to no defects such as scuffs, scars, and holes. Such defects can ruin the appearance of the final product.

Because python hides are collected from farms in addition to wild sources, it is much easier to find grade I skins that are free of flaws. Animals that grow in the wild are exposed to any number of potential sources of harm, from prey animals fighting back, predation by other animals, or harm from natural events such as a tree limb or rock falling on the python’s hide and puncturing the skin. Farmers protect python skins from being harmed by eliminating the potential for contact with predators and other forms of accidental damage.

This is one reason why pythons made the list of our favorite exotic leathers to use for handbags and anacondas did not, even though anacondas also reach large sizes and have well-defined scale patterns.

Reason #3: Scale Patterns and Markings

Python skin makes for a very distinctive and attractive handbag.

If you choose to use an unbleached python skin for your handbag, you’ll also enjoy the benefit of having a truly unique, one-of-a-kind pattern in the handbag you create. The natural markings of the python are highly recognizable and distinctive, serving as a badge of authenticity for the handbag. When a handbag is made with unbleached python skin, people will know right away.

Even bleached, the smooth scales of the python help to accent the look of the handbag, adding texture that can be both seen and felt. Whether with an elegant gloss finish or a more casual matte wax finish, the sleek scales of the python on a handbag are a beauty to behold.

Whether you choose to use an unbleached skin to highlight the natural markings on the hide, or bleach it before dyeing it to create a smoother, more uniform look, a python skin handbag is sure to turn heads wherever it goes, even among gatherings of the rich and famous.

Reason #4: Flexibility

While an untanned python skin can be very rigid, once the hide has been chromed and re-tanned with vegetable-based tanning solutions, it becomes very flexible. This makes python skin leather ideal for products that require the ability to flex, such as large handbags.

Because the python’s hide will flex easily, it is less likely to develop crease marks when it is subjected to being bent, which happens to handbags quite frequently as their owners dig around in them for that one item they’re looking for or are holding the bag in place with their arm while walking about.

Overall, python skin is a high-luxury material that will serve the needs of your most discerning clients extremely well. It’s beautiful, flexible, and available from your favorite exotic leather suppliers. To learn more about python skin, check out our free guide at the link below, or contact Pan American Leathers today.

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