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NEW Exotic Leather Series: Crocodiles!

Posted by Mark Mendal on Mar 7, 2015 3:41:00 PM


Did you know over 1 million crocodilian skins are traded internationally among roughly 30 countries? As one of the most sought after skins on the luxury market, the unique and tender skin from both crocodiles and alligators can be seen on high-end handbags, wallets, watches, footwear and more.

American crocodile hide is the perfect alternative to the skin of American alligator.

In our previous posts, we highlighted the nature of each type of python and the special qualities that it brings to the table for buyers. We’ll do the same in this series as we’ll compare the American alligator (mississippiensis), American crocodile (acutus), caiman (fuscus), Nile crocodile (nilotocus), saltwater crocodile (porosus) and Siamese crocodile (siamensis) which are the subsection of the 20+ crocodilian species whose skins are most commonly traded.

During this upcoming series, we'll break down the essential facts for every type of leather buyer. Whether it's alligator or crocodile skins, we'll give you the necessary information so you make a confident, informed decision.

Stay tuned as we'll soon go into detail to discuss animal origins, skin sizes, bone content, scaling patterns, pricing and much, much more!

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